Our Story

Lockdown was a strange time in most of our lives; between baking breads and wiping the dust off a library full of unread books, (AND day-dreaming about flights we should’ve been boarding) we found ourselves in an obscure city near the Indo-Bangladesh border, brewing an idea, along with the many cups of green tea.

The idea was to marry our love for the environment with our relentless obsession with all things artisanal and aesthetic, and that is how we had a lockdown baby on our hands that you now know as The Green Collective.

TGC comes to you from a town once famous, but now faded into anonymity, for its art of “caning”, where time stands still, and artisans struggle to keep its rich heritage alive. Our endeavour is to bring forth a contemporary range of earth-friendly home decor and furniture, and with each sale, to revive and restore this community of artisans to its erstwhile glory.

#FromOurHandsToYourHomes #TheGreenCollective #SustainablyYours