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Our Motivations

Handmade with Love 

Each of our products at The Green Collective is a labour of pure, handmade love. Perhaps, not all products will look identical, but that is what makes each that much more special, and that much more human - such is the "imperfect" beauty of all things artisanal! We work hard, and sometimes even bend over backwards, to use the skill of hand so attuned to making traditional weaves, in order to bring you designs that will at once be beautiful, multi-functional and modern. It is often a challenge, for, at times, there is only "so much" hands can do, but more often than not, we are also left surprised by "so much more" those same hands can do!

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Earth-Friendly Materials

At TGC, our products are made using cane that has been sourced LOCALLY and RESPONSIBLY. We treat it thoroughly before we commence production, and once a product is ready, we give it a coat of natural varnish, all to ensure it lasts even longer than its already very long life (average 30 - 40 years!).

Our endeavour is, and will continue to remain, to bring you products that are environmentally conscious. We want you to enjoy your indulgence for decades, without the need to throw or replace. That way, we will slowly start easing the pressure on the earth's resources, and inch closer to a more sustainable world. And if you truly feel done with your cane homeware (we hope not!), well guess what, they're fully biodegradable! 

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Community Driven

At it's heart, The Green Collective is driven by all the people that are part of the journey from seed to sea, from those who harvest the cane, to those who transport it to the city, and especially those who eventually create the pieces for us, our precious artisans.

With each piece you buy, YOU reinforce growing faith in our craftsmen - they value their own skills, they gain joy from their own art, and that translates into a society of creatives that once again feels respected. We scope, that, perhaps, one day, may we all transform into The Green "Community"

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